IAC/DJ Personal Finance Site “FiLife” Launches


Or the blog part of it, anyway. Rafat Ali reminds us that this is the InterActiveCorp/Dow Jones joint venture run by Dave Kansas, formerly of the Wall Street Journal and TheStreet.com, and he says it will formally launch in October.  The startlingly spare blog‘s writers include 20-40 year-old personal-finance journalists from the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere.  One, Ron Lieber, is married to the smoking Jodi Kantor of the New York Times (no, Rafat didn’t tell us that).

FiLife is right that people don’t talk enough about money–young people especially.  Based on the breezy introductory posts, FiLife is trying to connect with the latter by saying, “Hey, we’re lazy and uncomfortable with money, too, so come join our club.”  Might work.  And here’s an investment tip for FiLife’s readers and writers alike: Don’t listen to a word of 24/7 bombardment of advice pumped out of Wall Street and the financial media.  Just buy low-cost index funds.  Over your lifetime, this will save you an astonishing amount of money, anxiety, and time.