My Wet And Rainy Three-Hour New iPad Adventure!

apple store employee new ipad

Photo: Theodore Ritz, Business Insider

I got an email Wednesday from Business Insider’s Tools Editor Steve Kovach with the headline… “ATTENTION! Huge opportunity!”I quickly opened the email and read the first few lines: 

“Hey interns! We have a cool assignment for anyone who wants to take it.”

I immediately jumped at the opportunity and replied:

“I assume somebody already grabbed this? If not I want it.”

Luckily I was the first to respond, and the assignment was mine.

Yes, I volunteered to wake up at 5:00 a.m. today to go stand in line at the Apple Store and buy the “iPad 3,” or technically, the “new iPad.”

Or as I prefer to call it, “iPad, the third.”

Hey, I’m an intern and get paid by the hour, so can you really blame me?

Anyways it was a lot of fun, I got to do something I had never done before, take tons of pictures and interview a few die-hard Apple fans.

Operation 'Buy a New iPad' Starts at 5:04 a.m. SHARP

It's still really dark outside my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's 45 degrees and drizzling.

I reach the Apple Store on 14th and 8th Avenue in Manhattan at 6:35 a.m. It's still very dark out.

Apple employees prepare for the horde.

John, on the left, is the first guy in line. He's been here since 9:30 a.m. Thursday. He took off work and has already spoken to half a dozen reporters. He's never bought an iPad before.

The line. Looks like there are a couple hundred people here already.

Nearing the end of the line. The sky is beginning to brighten.

Finally, I get my spot. It's 6:53 a.m.

This is Byron, the guy one place ahead of me. He lives just a few blocks away. He's waited for hours in lines to buy the original iPad, the iPad 2, and recently the iPhone 4S all on opening day. One of our reporters actually grabbed a picture of him back in October buying the 4S. Click the link under the pic to see him in line for the 4S back in October.

It's 43 degrees out. Luckily I dressed appropriately.

Apple employees show up with our registration cards.

I choose the cheapest option, the Wifi black 16 GB.

Another Apple employee comes by to give us a survey, mostly generic questions like our age, if we bought the iPad 2, and why we're buying the new iPad...

This dude comes by hawking his website. Something about re-selling our old iPads.

This guy came prepared.

The apple squad comes out to bring us some smart water.

It's 7:52 a.m., 8 minutes to store open. Team Apple heads back in to prepare for the rush.


A look back at all the people I'm ahead of.

A look inside the Apple store with all its glorious glass. SO CLOSE.

It starts raining a little harder. Employees start handing out umbrellas.

MADE IT. It's a lot warmer inside. My hands were starting to get numb.

AAAAAND we're back in line.

Moving again! Up the stairs, I take a look over the rail and take a snapshot of NY's finest, keeping the masses at bay.

Third Floor. The new iPads are on full display.

This elderly couple bought four iPads. They wanted to buy more, but there was a two per person limit.

Byron's up next. He pre-paid and he's in the wrong line. He has to go back downstairs to get in another line. All is not well in Apple-land.

The new iPad, enjoyed by the old and the young alike.

This woman whips out a GIANT wad of $100 bills.

Apple employee Stefanie brings out MY new iPad! Exciting!

It's beautiful.

And my adventure is completed.

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