Here are the coolest 'I Voted' stickers from around the United States

The INSIDER Summary:

• Different cities and states give out different “I Voted” stickers.

• Here are some of the best ones in America.

It’s election day! Which means that if you don’t vote, you definitely won’t get a very cool “I Voted” sticker.

The origins of the iconic stickers are unclear. According to Time, they started to become popular in the 1980s. Now, they’re everywhere.

There isn’t one type of sticker that’s consistently distributed around the country. Instead, states, counties, and cities are responsible for buying and distributing them to voters. My county, for example, didn’t give me a sticker at all (I had to get a spare one from a coworker). And if the stickers on Susan B. Anthony’s grave is any indication, there are several different sticker designs in Rochester, New York.

I took a look at some of the different voting stickers from across the country. Here are the coolest ones I found:

Tennessee’s voting sticker is in the shape of the state, instad of using the typical American flag.

Stickers from a voting place in Provo, Utah, incorperated their state’s shape in a more subtle way.

Louisiana is giving out stickers that incorperate George Rodrigue’s famous “Blue Dog” painting.

Georgia isn’t using red, white, and blue colours at all. And it won’t let anyone forget that it’s the peach state.

In Clark County, Nevada — one of the most contested battlegrounds in the country — the stickers are reminding voters that America is one big celebration.

New York City’s “I Voted” sticker keeps the Statue of Liberty front-and-center.

Richmond, Virginia, uses the presidential seal instead of the American flag.

Do you love your “I Voted” sticker? Let us know and send us a picture to [email protected]

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