Kourtney Kardashian’s mac and cheese cost me $39 to make, but the price was the least of its problems

Kourtney Kardashian’s recipe was for gluten-free macaroni and cheese. Bravo/Samantha Gutierrez
  • I tried following Kourtney Kardashian’s organic and gluten-free mac and cheese recipe.
  • Though ingredients were expensive they were standard and the recipe was easy to follow.
  • The end result was very greasy and bland.
  • I wouldn’t make this recipe again.
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Known as the most health-savvy member of the Kardashian gang, Kourtney Kardashian certainly has an affinity for healthy fads and clean eating.

From reportedly starting her day with a water and vinegar mixture and her famous avocado pudding to reportedly fasting one day per week – Kourtney definitely does the most when it comes to being healthy.

But apparently, even the self-proclaimed health-obsessed Kourt isn’t immune to the lure of delicious mac and cheese. In fact, she has her own go-to recipe (don’t worry, it’s gluten-free, organic, and dairy-free) which of course, given my Kardashian and mac and cheese obsession, I had to try it.

The recipe used to be on her now-defunct app but since it’s no longer available I followed her recipe that can be found on People.

Here’s how my version of Kourtney Kardashian’s macaroni and cheese turned out.

The recipe was pretty simple.

Most of the ingredients were meant to be organic. Samantha Gutierrez

One of the most notable things about the recipe is that the ingredients are all supposed to be organic and gluten-free.

Even though Kourtney said she uses non-dairy cheese substitutes when baking, the recipe says you can use regular or non-dairy cheese. Since I’m not a huge fan of non-dairy cheese substitutes, I stuck with dairy cheese instead.

I did have two qualms about the ingredients for this particular recipe. First, all of these organic ingredients are not readily available at all grocery stores so I ended up taking two trips to the grocery store.

And secondly, I found that organic ingredients are a bit expensive. To make this dish I spent a whopping $US39, which is not exactly what I’d like to spend to make a dish as simple as mac and cheese.

But aside from these small details, the ingredients were very familiar to me and quite standard, minus the gluten-free, organic requirements that I’m not used to.

The mac and cheese came together pretty well.

I added the bacon later. Samantha Gutierrez

Although the flour clumped a bit when I added it to the sauce (it probably was my fault and not the recipe’s), the cooking of the pasta and cheese sauce went off without a hitch.

I did notice a slight missing bit of information in the recipe.

The recipe was a bit unclear in terms of when to add turkey bacon. Samantha Gutierrez

The recipe itself was also pretty easy to follow except for one little detail – it never says when to add in the turkey bacon that’s listed in the ingredients.

It’s clearly meant to be included in the recipe – it’s in the ingredient list and recipe name after all – but the recipe doesn’t mention how to cook it or when to include it, whether that was a slight mishap on her part or an omission when the recipe was posted on People, I’m not sure.

Anyway, left to my own devices, I cooked the bacon according to package instructions and mixed it in a few minutes before the whole dish was done.

The end result was … underwhelming.

It was a bit greasy. Samantha Gutierrez

So what did the mac and cheese taste like? Overall, I felt it was pretty meh.

I, along with my boyfriend and best friend, tried the dish with good faith but came to the consensus that it was simply unimpressive.

As my friend pointed out, “The bacon gives it flavour, otherwise, it would be very bland.” And in the words of my boyfriend, “It tasted like pasta with butter.”

I wouldn’t normally mind pasta with butter except that I was expecting a creamy mac and cheese. In this case, the macaroni’s texture was just greasy. You could even see the oil from the mac and cheese shining on the plate when served.

Myself and my taste-testers felt the dish lacked flavour.

There just wasn’t enough flavour. Samantha Gutierrez

All in all, the whole thing tasted quite bland and it was messy.

We even tried adding more salt and a dash of red pepper flakes in an attempt to bring a little flavour into the mix. Even that couldn’t convince us to get seconds.

I and my taste-testers couldn’t even tell the recipe contained flavorful pepper-jack cheese, mustard powder, or even salt.

I won’t be making this dish again.

No one wanted a second helping. Samantha Gutierrez

The leftovers have now survived three days in the fridge, which is a rarity considering my boyfriend is quick to eat anything in sight.

And with so many mac and cheese recipes out there, I think I might try my luck with a different one.

Sorry, Kourt, but it’s safe to say this mac and cheese recipe is not one I’ll soon make again.

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