I tried best-selling $1 makeup from Shop Miss A

  • Producer Nico Reyes shops on Shop Miss A and buys beauty products only from the best-sellers section.
  • She tests the products on longevity, performance, and shade ranges.
  • After an eight-hour wear test, she tells us if it’s worth trying out because it’s cheap, or if she would rather just save the money.

Following is a transcript of the video.

Nico: This is WTF Beauty, where we test out the beauty world’s weirdest, wackiest, most WTF beauty products to see if they’re worth your money.

Today, we are trying $US1 makeup once again from Shop Miss A.

Back when I did my first $US1 makeup video, it was all bought pretty much blindly off the website. I didn’t really take time to scour for the best-reviewed stuff. I just wanted to try a whole bunch of things.

I saw some comments saying that we did choose bad things, and this time around, I made it a point to only shop in the best-seller section, all the top-rated stuff that you guys are loving, and try it out for myself.

When I tried the Shop Miss A stuff the first time, I think my experience was overall mostly positive. There were definitely misses though.

I’m gonna be looking really closely at product performance, how long the makeup actually wears, and the shade ranges available on the website.

First thing I’m gonna start off using is the Wonder Skin Mattifying Primer. This is from AOA Studio, which is Shop Miss A’s own brand that they sell on their site.

The first time I bought from Shop Miss A, the swatches on all of the face products were really confusing. I felt like the colours in real life didn’t match the colours how they swatched online.

I have a whole lot of foundation options just to try to find something close to my skin tone. I didn’t want to not have anything or be screwed over with one that just totally didn’t match me.

I’m gonna use the Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation. The weird thing is, is that it has a dropper but nothing drops.

I’m gonna blend that in using the Studio AOA Microfiber Wonder Blender sponge. I haven’t tried this yet, but their pink sponge, their Paw Paw sponge, is literally my favourite sponge that I’ve ever used, so I’m hoping this one is good.

So far I feel like that foundation is a pretty good match.

Now we’re gonna move on to concealer, and we have a little throwback from my first video. I’m positive that this is like same colour I used too. This is the Amuse two-in-one foundation and concealer.

I’m gonna use it to conceal, but I also have another concealer: Santee concealer Super Smooth, and it’s like one of those little lipstick type of concealers that I’ve never used.

Oh no! It’s too bright. I don’t want Buzz Lightyear chin. Oh no! Oh, my God, OK, I gotta get to work right now.

I just don’t think it’s giving me great coverage on my dark circles, like, I still feel like they’re peeking through a lot for three layers of concealer. But I think it’s doing the job.

I’m gonna use the AOA Studio Perfect Setting Powder to set my undereye and my whole face.

I do really like this sponge. I think that they make really good tools on Shop Miss A. I really like their sponges. I really like their brushes.

I’m gonna go into this brush roll that’s also AOA Studio. This is the one that KathleenLights recommended, so I got it ’cause I listen to her, and I’m gonna go in with a powder brush and just kinda dust this stuff away. She said these were really soft, and she was 100% right. These are literally so soft.

In terms of mattifying and setting everything, I really, really like it.

Before I do my face makeup, I think I want to just start working on my eyes. I don’t really have a vision yet, but I’m just gonna figure it out as I go along.

I’m gonna start by priming my lids with the AOA Studio eyeshadow primer.

The palette I’m gonna be using on my eyes today is the Amuse Cosmetics bronze palette, which, this palette looks really familiar. If you know the Kylie Bronze Palette, like the first eyeshadow palette she ever came out with, this looks pretty much exactly like it. Might be a pretty good dupe for a dollar.

What am I gonna do with my eyeballs? They’re there, they’re ready, and I have nothing to bring to the table.

The shadows are working really well together, and this brush is doing a really good job at blending. Yeah, looking up close to my face, I have zero fallout.

I feel like I’m really smoky right now, so smoky that my contacts are full of eyeshadow.

Now I’m gonna get to the good stuff, which is shimma. For my lid, I think I’m gonna do a little shimmer cocktail ’cause I wanna try a lot of them.

I have this single-pan AOA Studio Wonder Baked Eyeshadow in the shade Cubano, so I’m gonna use this on my finger and just go in. That’s looking OK.

So there’s actually only two shimmer shades in this palette, which I actually don’t mind considering I like more matte shades than shimmers, but they seem to need a lot of work to make them perform like a shimmer ’cause right now, they just look satiny on my eye versus like a real shimmer.

I have a little backup plan just in case these shimmers didn’t work out, which it feels like they’re not. I have the AOA Studio Crystal Powder in the shade Tiger Eye, and this is just like an eye glitter, a makeup glitter. I’m gonna press this into the center to see if I could just give it some pretty sparkle.

I’m gonna move on to mascara before I put on some false lashes. This is the AOA Studio Fat Lash Mascara. All right, mascara’s on. I’m really into that mascara. The fact that I can see my lashes really lifted and separated is a huge step up from that first mascara I tried from Shop Miss A.

Before I put my lashes on, I’m gonna line my top lid, so I’m gonna use this little pot eyeliner, and I’m gonna use a single brush that I just found on the Miss A website.

Now…we gotta deal with these. I don’t really wear false lashes ever, but I figured since they came out with this whole faux-mink lash line, we should try some, right? I think we should.

So the lashes are somewhat on, I do feel like the biggest problem I had was actually getting the adhesive to do its job. I feel like if I had just had used normal lash glue that the lashes would have gone on a lot easier.

Let’s move on to the face stuff. I think I want to go in with my bronzer. This bronzer is from Malibu Glitz. It looks like it’s bronzing. It just looks patchy and weirdly coloured, like, it doesn’t look brown. It almost looks like red. Interesting how things seem to be playing out.

So I’m moving onto blush, I’m gonna use the AOA Studio Perfect Blush in the shade Wispy. That’s cute.

OK, highlighter, this is one from Amuse Cosmetics, and it’s called the Illuminate Pro in the shade Medium. I see it. It’s pretty subtle. It also looks silver.

So I’m gonna use the Sculpting Brow Pencil from AOA Studio. I think we got two good brows. There’s no ugly sister today. They’re just both really good.

I forgot to put on the eyeliner on my waterline, so I’m just gonna add that really quick. This is a Brown Super Gel Intense Eyeliner from Santee. Let me just get up in my face. Well, I think we may have found another bad one. It won’t draw on my waterline. Cute. Nope, it’s not sticking. Let’s just skip this one. So that one was a fail, this gel eyeliner just will not stick to my waterline, so we’re gonna move on to our final step, which is lips.

So this lip liner’s actually from LA Colours, which is a brand I already know and have seen and am familiar with, and I’m also familiar with this lipstick, which is the AOA Studio Wonder Matte Lipstick. I did try this in my first video, really liked it.

Now, I’m not so much into matte lipsticks, but I figured, let’s do what’s best. Let’s do what the people say is the best, which is this lipstick. This is the shade Obsessed.

This experience was a lot better the second time around just because I specifically shopped for the best of the best on the Shop Miss A website.

A lot of these products just performed better. I didn’t struggle too, too much, and they all seemed pretty pigmented, very easy-to-use, easy-to-work-with products. There were a couple that just, I’m just not gonna use again. The products that did work really outweighed the products that didn’t work for me.

So now we’re gonna do the wear test. I’m gonna leave this stuff on my face for eight hours, check back in with you guys tomorrow, and let you know what of this stuff is really worth your money. Even if it is just a dollar, it should be good.

I really can’t believe how long this stuff has lasted on my face. I’m in shock! Some of my high-end products can’t even keep makeup looking this pigmented on my face for this long.

So I am floored, I’m thinking that maybe that primer is really, really good, and I wanna keep using it.

I think that the lipstick probably has the most obvious wear and tear. You can see it’s rubbed off quite a bit, but this is with eight hours, dinner, talking, drinking. I still think it’s a pretty comfortable matte lipstick considering I don’t really like matte lipsticks anymore because they’re so drying. This one is dry but not an uncomfortable dry. My lips don’t feel crusty. They actually feel pretty good.

Yeah, everything is looking really, really great.

The second time around definitely proved to be better than the first. I think shopping on the best-seller page made a huge difference because I took the time to go through all the reviews and just see what people were loving, what was working for people, and it actually did work out for me.

Because I tried out so many products, I’m going to try and split up my thoughts into face products, eye products, and the lip products.

I think I was most impressed with how long my foundation lasted considering I did wear it for the full eight hours and I have very oily skin. I think that that primer I put on before did something magical where my skin just didn’t look as oily as it normally would at that time of day.

That combined with the foundation combined with the really good translucent powder worked together to make sure that I actually had a face at the end of the day and it hadn’t just rubbed off or gotten so oily that it separated.

I think the only major face product that I was disappointed in was that bronzer. It was a bad colour. It wasn’t blending nicely into my skin. I just did not like it, wouldn’t use it again, don’t think it’s even worth the dollar.

Also, the brushes and sponge applicator worked so good. Those are something that I’m definitely gonna keep using.

In terms of the shade range on Shop Miss A, I do feel like they have a good variety. There’s a good mix of colours and shades and undertones for a lot of people I think. My problem is that the swatches are not like how they look in real life. I just feel like the way that they’re photographed or the way that they look on the website, it just does not correlate to how they look like in real life.

Even though I am somebody who rarely ever wears fake lashes, I think these lashes are really, really nice. They look similar to those high-end, luxury lashes. For faux-mink lashes, a dollar is amazing.

When I was doing my eye makeup, another disappointment for me was the actual shimmer shades in that bronze-eyeshadow palette. The mattes blended out so great. They were creamy. They were pigmented. I thought they blended together so well, but when it came to the shimmer shades, I think that they just looked so dull and lifeless and not like a shimmer. It didn’t bring anything to my eye, which was what I wanted. But luckily we had that glitter, which I also thought was really good, and that really spruced things up.

The eyeshadow primer also worked great not only for priming my eyes but for actually keeping the glitter on my actual lid, even though it’s not a glitter glue, kept it on there for the entire time.

I think that the brow stuff was probably my favourite in this little haul that I did on Shop Miss A. This brow pencil worked so well, I’m actually wearing it today, right now with the brow gel.

And finally, let’s talk about the lipstick and the lip liner. I have to say that for a dollar, this matte lipstick really did its job. It stayed 90% on my lips for the entirety of the day. For a matte lipstick, it wasn’t really drying. I did feel like I could still rub my lips together comfortably and not feel like it was sandpaper-y, like I was stuck, like…

In terms of the shade range offered, I think Shop Miss A does give a good variety of undertones and different types of colours.

I think I’m somewhere in the middle on my opinion on Shop Miss A ’cause I do not think it’s a total scam and you’re just getting really crappy products. There were some gems in the stuff that I tried that I am committing myself to, and I’m like, I’m buying this again, loved it. But I guess this is just about trial and error and figuring out what works for you, which I think at a dollar is totally worth it.

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