We Tried Flying Trapeze -- The Favourite Hobby Of Google's Sergey Brin

I am not very brave. When it comes to daredevil activities, the farthest I'll go is zip-lining and the occasional roller coaster. I don't even like heights. But I do like adventure! And, as we have reported, Google cofounder Sergey Brin likes to push his body to the limits. He counts the flying trapeze as one if his favourite hobbies, having taken advanced classes in his college days and bringing groups of Google employees to try it as a team. How would it feel to soar through the air? What would it feel like to push myself to do something I would normally never try? I spent an afternoon at the Trapeze School New York, and it was just as scary -- and even more exhilarating -- than I ever imagined. Produced by Sam Rega.

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