I Predict Romney Will Commit Mass Criminality at Home and Abroad

I predict Mitt Romney will be a president steeped in criminality if elected. And while no president is free of it, the stars are aligning, so to speak, for a president on the Republican side who is totally controlled by the military and financial complex.

On the one hand, Romney hired Bush economic advisers. This means that Romney wants another supply side debacle as we had in the housing bubble. It means Romney wants to jumpstart the economy in a way that is even more damaging than QE.

On the subject of QE, we had a credit crisis. The Libertarians/Austrians are wrong that this crisis can be solved without any central bank intervention. However, QE can go too far, as it seems that speculation in commodities is not being reined in properly. The Austrians point to the 1921 depression as “proof” that deflationary depressions can just run their course. I disagree. The 1921 “depression” was not a credit crisis!

I think deflationary depressions are a reason for the central bank to exist, although I would want to see it nationalized. Some QE saved the economy, but now government must engage in some stimulus as QE is way overdone with too much speculation in assets taking place. Problem is, the stimulus we need here at home, with construction and improvements of infrastructure, are not what Romney wants. He wants war as stimulus. He is a dangerous man.War is not only dangerous, and hurtful, but it is also a very inefficient way to stimulate an economy.

It has been said that housing booms weaken a country. I would suggest that the Republicans want more housing bubbles with the exception of the American Enterprise Institute. A few Democrats want another housing bubble. And Paul Krugman wanted the first housing bubble in 2002. What was he thinking?

But the way in which the Republicans are attacking Dodd-Frank and the Volcker Rule is the smoking gun as to where Romney will go if elected. It may not be in the first term, but he will seek to unleash the hot money on an already weakened middle class. The next bubble will be like the last, premeditated but made to look like a black swan. Krugman was just saying what had already been planned at Basel 2 in 1998.

I am very concerned as well about the Russians amassing troops on the Iranian border. The neocons, who have some say in the current administration but more say in Republican administrations, would like to conquer Russia. That of course is madness. Romney is a guy who has judgement problems with the dog on the roof. Even his wife has severe judgement problems saying she had horses in every port. She is a flake.You want these people running the military of the United States?

And I personally don’t care whether she had a nanny or not helping her, the point here is that Ann Romney had horses in every port and who was feeding those horses? Don’t tell me the Romney’s didn’t have a lot of hired help!  Raising 5 children is hard for anyone, and the lady that said she didn’t work was out of place. But the Romney’s have help in other ways that most will never see.

Bottom line is that Ann Romney had little of the pressures economically that most stay-at-home-mums have.

When you add to these things that Mitt Romney told a bunch of unemployed folks that he was unemployed while raking in millions of dollars, and you see that there is something fundamentally flawed about this man. You want him guiding the nation? He is a flake and his “horses in every port” wife is a flake.

So, do we want criminality at home in the form of easy money home loans? After all, someone has to be saddled with the loans. Is it the taxpayers? Shouldn’t it be criminal for the taxpayers to be saddled with subpar toxic loans? If it isn’t there ought to be a law.

Do we want criminality abroad in the form of preemptive wars? Dick Cheney can’t even go out of the country for fear he will be arrested. Is that the kind of leadership we want in this nation? How far this nation has fallen! Our wars are primarily wars to gain resources and are preemptive and illegal.

So, voting Republican will bring many of the things we so hated about Bush/Cheney back into play. Do we really want to go through all that again? Are we nuts? Maybe.


Update: President Obama sought congressional approval to control oil speculation. Yet the Republicans came out showing their true colours. Mitch McConnell, senate Republican leader, refused to go along with this effort to force folks betting on the petroleum market to put more of their own money into the trades. McConnell on the very same day endorsed Romney for president. If you vote Republican, you can count on the right wing elite and Romney to give no relief to you at the pump. Mark my words.


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