I just started using an eye cream, and now I finally understand why it's so important

Eye creamShutterstockHide those dark circles under your eyes with some eye cream.

Every time I interview a dermatologist, skincare executive, or grooming guru, I ask them the same question: what is the one product men aren’t using that they should be?

The answer is the same every time: eye cream.

“Nothing gives away ageing prematurely or wherever you are in your life than lines around your eyes,” Kiehl’s president Chris Salgardo told me back in December.

I’m 24. I’m not really concerned about ageing yet, so I ignored that advice. I thought my moisturizer, applied around my eye area, would be enough — turns out I was wrong, and the experts were right.

Moisturizers are great, but they’re not formulated for the sensitive area around your eyes, where the skin is thinner and more susceptible to irritation. They also contain ingredients that are not meant for contact on the skin around your eyes, like menthol.

What finally convinced me to try an eye cream was something I did care about: dark, puffy circles around my eyes from lack of sleep… and too much fun. Eye creams often have ingredients that minimise the look of these, and after application, I could definitely notice a difference.

While I thought before that the skin around my eyes would feel oily, it really just felt soft and moisturized. The dark circles under my eyes all but disappeared, and I felt much more confident in my appearance. I didn’t look quite like the zombie I felt.

And not only did it immediately help me in the short run, but with regular use, I know I’ll also be warding off premature signs of ageing for years to come.

Now that’s a morning routine I can get behind.

Kiehl’s makes a great eye cream ($30), which is the one I used. But others — like Jack Black ($24), Every Man Jack ($14), and Bulldog ($12) — can be had for less and are also effective.

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