I Love The Way Carol Bartz Fired Me


Yahoo’s new CEO Carol Bartz is even admired by those she canned.  Here’s an email sent to Kara Swisher by a former Sun employee:

20+ years ago I was in the service organisation at Sun when Bartz took over. In a staff meeting of the Service directors, she said that if we didn’t get our act together we’d be gone. I was in way over my head and a couple of weeks later she came to my office for a meeting with me and told me that I was being replaced. She said they weren’t going to take me out and shoot me, but that I would no longer be managing the software support group. I have enormous respect for her that she told me this to my face in my office. Most executives would have had HR do it or whatever. She is an amazing person.

So, take heart, soon-to-be-whacked senior Yahoos.  It might not be agonizing!