I traded in my iPhone 5C for an iPhone 6S and I'm really happy I did

On Friday, my new iPhone 6S arrived. It’s rose gold (otherwise known as “pink’), and I’m delighted with it.

I traded in my iPhone 5C (otherwise known as “the cheap iPhone”).

I really liked the 5C. I had traded in an HTC Android phone for it, and although I liked Android and didn’t want to switch to iOS, I thought the 5C was a lot of phone for the money. I paid $US100 for it on contract. It was a good deal.

Problem was, it wasn’t even two years old yet and it was already having issues. The touchscreen wasn’t too touchy anymore, particularly around the edges where lots of apps like to put commands.

The iPhone 5C also didn’t have Touch ID and other features of the 6 series.

The larger size worried me, but turned out to be no problem

I have a small hand, so I want a phone I can comfortably grip with one hand. Plus I bike, run, ski, and so on, and the small phone fits nicely into my bike bag, running bag, and other packs I use.

I was kind of worried that the bigger iPhone 6S would be too big (even though I was not getting the iPhone 6 Plus.)

On the downside, that small 5C had such a small keyboard that it was a misery to type and text on. Especially because, some apps don’t always let you switch from portrait to landscape mode to type (I’m looking at you, Facebook).

I’m happy to report that the new iPhone 6S is the perfect size!

It’s narrow enough so my small hand can still grip it. And I use the “Zoomed” view, which makes the icons and everything bigger. That also really eliminates that “clumsy fingers” feeling.

I’m also happy to finally have TouchID. Press the button when the screen is blank to open the phone. Rest your finger on the button when the phone is on lockscreen to go back to the last app you were working on. So nice!

I set up multiple fingers with TouchID. And when the phone was having a little trouble recognising my original thumb, it was easy to reset. (Settings/Touch ID & Passcode).

3D Touch is a learning curve and kinda “meh”

The new thing with the iPhone 6S is the haptic touch, which Apple calls 3D Touch.

At first, every time I tried it as a shortcut on Safari or Camera, it didn’t work. It would send me into Screen edit mode where the icons shake instead.

I had to learn to press harder and faster.

For instance, if you press hard on the camera icon, you get choices: “Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo, Take Photo.”

If you press hard on Safari, you get choices to show Reading List, Show Bookmarks, New Private Tab, New Tab.

Nice shortcuts, but not that big a deal.

When using Mail, pressing on the message gives you a short preview of the message.

That’s only nice if the person got to the point in the first sentence or two.

Most of the time I see something like this: “Good morning, Julie. Hope you are having a great day.” So I wind up having to open email to really find out what its about anyway.

Press harder and the message opens and then you’re in the regular app, with no haptic shortcuts. Tap the “back” button (as always) to go back to your inbox.

The potential for this is really exciting. For now, there’s only a few apps that use it. So it’s kind of a “meh” feature.

The camera is spectacular

“Live photos” are awesome and hilarious. They are tiny videos, complete with sound.

But I haven’t found a way to share them beyond handing someone my iPhone to look. Emailing, texting, or posting them to Facebook turns them into ordinary photos.

I suspect that Live photos take up a lot more space on the phone, too.

All in all, I’m really happy with this new iPhone. It’s like my old iPhone, which I liked, but better.

If you’ve got an older iPhone 5, you’ll be happy with the new phone.

If you’ve already got an iPhone 6, my advice is to stand pat. 3D Touch will become more useful with time and Live photos, while fun, are really just a gadget.

Just so you know, I’m not an Apple Fan girl. I don’t find Apple products any easier or better than others’ products. I use a Macbook Pro for work, a Windows 10 Tablet PC for “not work,” an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet for reading, and a Fitbit Surge and Garmin Edge bike computer for fitness. My husband uses a Microsoft Surface Pro for work, a Samsung Note, and a Samsung watch. We have an Xbox One for our living room.

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