My Hotel Room In China Had The Most Civilized Toilet In The Entire World

I just spent 10 days in China and I saw many sights I will never forget.

At the Great Wall outside Beijing I stood on an ancient structure that stretched beyond the horizon.

At West Lake in Hangzhou I saw a side of China that, in other parts, has been paved over.

At the top of Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong, I could look down onto one of the most skyscraper-filled skylines in the world.

In my room at the Kerry Hotel in Beijing, I beheld the Toto Neorest — a toilet that costs more than $US3,000 USD, and is without a doubt, the most civilized toilet humanity has ever encountered.

Behold! The Toto Neorest.

It has a control panel mounted on the wall next to it. Features include more cleansing options than any normal person would bother to imagine.

The control panel also allows you to lift the toilet's three (!) lids without actually touching them. Press this button, and …

… voila, you have a seat to sit on.

Press this one …

… and the seat is out of the way.

The toilet seat begins warming when you sit down and automatically flushes when you stand up.

When the bathroom is dark, this dim light comes on -- a helpful guide late at night.

Google research suggests that it would cost more than $US3,000 to put a Toto Neorest in your home.

The Kerry went for the whole luxury bathroom experience, putting this TV speaker in the ceiling …

… and this phone on the wall.

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