I Don’t Want To Take Richard Goyder’s Job: Coles Boss Ian McLeod

Richard Goyder (R), CEO Wesfarmers answers questions from the press as Rick Allert, Chairman of Coles Myer looks on during the announcement of Wesfarmers takeover bid July 2, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Getty

Ian McLeod, the managing director of Coles, was recently promoted to group commercial director of parent company Wesfarmers.

The new gig caused speculation he might be in line to succeed Wesfarmers boss Richard Goyder.

But McLeod — Australia’s highest-paid executive — has told the Australian he’s got no interest in the top job.

“It’s not a role I have ever entertained,” he said.

“Richard is a very effective chief executive and he’s proved that over a number of years. I’ve not got any aspirations in that respect.”

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