I created an epic time-lapse at Vivid Sydney -- and it was easier than trying to take a great photo

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images.

Taking a good photo at Vivid Sydney is easy.

That’s because the annual light, musical and arts festival turns the Sydney CBD into a photographer’s heaven, lighting up the entire Circular Quay precinct including the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The tricky part is when you want to take a great photo.

For most of us carrying our smartphones or even DSLR cameras, the chances of capturing an excellent photo that mirrors what we’re seeing in real life can be hard unless you’ve got the hand of a statue.

I recently went on a walking tour with top photographers as part of the Canon exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and they showed me a nifty trick that let me capture the best of Vivid in one go.

It’s the time-lapse function and it gives amateur photographers a product that looks like it came from a promo video.

I used the Canon EOS 80D and set the camera up on a tripod in front of the MCA whose facade was illuminated to look like it was being carved and painted over.

It took only five minutes to create a 12-second video time-lapse. Check it out:

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