I Agree With Mitt Romney (Seriously)

I do have to agree with Mitt Romney about something. As the New York Daily News reported, “Mitt Romney shrugged off critics Sunday for zapping him because his wife drives ‘a couple of Cadillacs.’

‘If people think there’s something wrong with being successful, they should vote for the other guy,” Romney said on ‘Fox News Sunday.’ Critics, particularly gleeful Democrats, have piled on Romney after he said during his economic speech in Detroit last week that his wife Ann drives a pair of Caddys.”

Romney has a point.

And I do find the liberal media’s resentment of Romney’s conspicuous prosperity to be kind of weird, and frankly pathetic.

Barack Obama is a multi-millionaire (thanks, in no small part, to his bestselling biography).

And every GOP presidential candidate nipping at Romney’s heels is a millionaire, many times over.

There was a time… long ago… when we all actually aspired to be the guy whose wife has a handful of Cadillacs in the driveway. Romney has always seemed to channel Don Draper, a character Americans can’t get enough of (new season of Mad Men, by the way!). It’s weird that when confronted with the real version of Draper, however, they don’t like it.

There are certainly bones to pick with Romney: his reliance on shadowy Super PACs (see my recent interview about this below) and his vexing support of NDAA, one of the most disastrous pieces of legislation Obama has ever signed into law, chief among them.

But to criticise Mitt Romney for being a very successful capitalist, and for having an affluent family as a result, is not something that sits well with me — as an American voter, I think villainizing someone for their wealth is outrageous, and morally bankrupt. He doesn’t have to drive a Chevy Volt and take coach class when he flies; everyone knows Romney made a boatload at Bain Capital. At least he’s being honest about that. And I prefer that to any disingenuous “look at how middle class I am!” PR stunts.

There’s an open invitation for Mitt Romney to appear on The DL Show at any time. As with the other GOP candidates we’ve interviewed on the videocast, we’ll be fair, respectful, and engaged.


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