Hyundai's New Car Could Save You A Speeding Ticket

Soon, your car might slow you down automatically when it detects a speed trap.

At the launch of the Genesis luxury sedan earlier this year, Hyundai spokesman Guido Schenken said, “[The car] knows there is a speed camera there, it knows where the speed camera is and it will adopt the correct speed,” according to Drive.

First, the Hyundai Genesis beeps 2,600 feet before you reach a speed camera and it will show you the legal speed limit. The car will beep at you if you’re going too fast. If you’re not showing signs of slowing down, the car does it for you with its self-braking systems with camera locations inside its navigation devices.

Unfortunately, the speed trap technology won’t initially be offered on the vehicle — which debuts later this year in Australia — but it will be released eventually. And it’s unclear whether the technology would have as much of an impact on U.S. drivers as it could in Australia, where the location of speed traps must be legally disclosed.

The downside to the technology is that it only works on fixed speed cameras. If you happen to drive past a cop holding a speed gun, you might end up getting that speeding ticket after all.

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