Here's where Hyperloop One wants to build its futuristic transit system

Hyperloop One is getting closer to selecting a location for its futuristic transit system.

The Los Angeles-based startup announced the winners of its Global Challenge, which was launched to identify the best potential Hyperloop routes around the world. Hyperloop One narrowed 2,600 submissions into 10 final candidates.

The Hyperloop is a nascent transit system that would work by shooting passengers pods through tubes at speeds that could reach 1,120km/h. It has yet to be fully proven.

Hyperloop One still faces a series of hurdles before it can get a project up-and-running, particularly on the regulatory front. The company has made strides on the technical front by running two successful tests of its Hyperloop system, but they were short and lacked passenger involvement.

Still, Hyperloop One is taking steps to turn its vision into a reality. The startup currently has feasibility studies underway in Dubai and Finland and will soon launch one in Colorado.

Scroll down for a closer look at the 10 potential Hyperloop routes:

1. Glasgow to Liverpool, United Kingdom

Hyperloop One

The 545km route would make six stops in cities like Manchester, Leeds, and Newcastle. The route was proposed by a team led by Paul Bell, a partner at Ryder Architecture, with support from KPMG.

2. Mexico City to Guadalajara, Mexico

Hyperloop One

The route measures 532km long with stops in Querétaro and León. It has attracted public sector support form organisations like the Mexico Transport and Communications Ministry and FerroMex, a railroad network operator.

3. Cheyenne to Denver to Pueblo, Colorado

Hyperloop One

This Colorado route is arguably the most serious proposal on this list. The Colorado Department of Transportation has entered into a public-private partnership with Hyperloop One to conduct a feasibility study of the 580km route. AECOM is also supporting the study.

4. Toronto to Montreal, Canada

Hyperloop One

A team led by AECOM Canada proposed this 640km route that stops in Ottawa.

5. Chicago to Columbus to Pittsburgh, United States

Hyperloop One

The multi-state route was proposed by a team led by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the Columbus Partnership. It even has support from Ohio governor and formal presidential hopeful John Kasich, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The route measures 785km.

6. Mumbai to Chennai, India

Hyperloop One

An Indian mobility startup designed this 1,102km route. The startup is composed of academic researchers who are collaborating with local transportation experts to reinvent public transit in India. The team was actually selected to design a Hyperloop pod for SpaceX's Hyperloop competition.

7. Dallas to Laredo to Houston, Texas

Hyperloop One

The Texas Triangle team is lead by AECOM with support from Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the City of Dallas. The 1,030km route would make stops in Austin and San Antonio.

8. Miami to Orlando, Florida

Hyperloop One

The 414km route was proposed by a team led by AECOM with support from Miami Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works, the Florida Department of Transportation, and Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organisation.

9. Bengaluru to Chennai, India

Hyperloop One

Led by AECOM, the team proposed a 334km route with stops in Kolar and Chittoor.

10. Edinburgh to London, United Kingdom

Hyperloop One

The route was proposed by 51 University of Edinburgh students. It measures 666km and makes stops in Manchester and Birmingham.

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