This $50 accessory lets you play your old Game Boy games on your Android phone

It might be time to blow the dust out of your old Game Boy cartridges, because Hyperkin is looking to give them a new lease on life. 

Two years ago, the mobile phone peripheral manufacturer released an ad on April Fools’ Day for the SmartBoy, an accessory that would clasp onto your phone and allows you to play Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games on it.

The reception was so positive that the product then went into development. 

Now that we’re only a few weeks away from its official launch on August 21, it appears the SmartBoy was worth the wait. 

The SmartBoy was designed for the Samsung S8 family of devices, but works on most Android phones that have a USB Type-C port. To use it, you will need to download the SmartBoy Companion app, as well as an emulator — Hyperkin recommends My Oldboy!, which is available for free online. 

The look and feel of the peripheral is similar to the original 1989 Game Boy, down to the colour of the buttons. It can play all Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games, as well as Game Boy Advance games, though Hyperkin told Engadget that they don’t advertise that feature because they take too long to load. 

The case snaps onto your phone, covering the bottom half of the screen with the controls, and displaying the Game Boy games in their original aspect ratios. 

The Hyperkin can be purchased online and will retail for $US50. Watch it in action below. 

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