Find Cool New Music On Your iPhone With The Hype Machine's New App

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The Hype Machine founder Anthony Volodkin has admirably bootstrapped his little music startup for years — now even working with some labels — and now has a staff of 4 to show for it.If you’re not familiar, The Hype Machine basically cruises a list of music blogs and pulls in the music they’re linking to — it’s an easy way to find both new music to listen to and new music blogs to read.

The NYC-based site has about 2 million visitors a month, and over 65% visit more than 9 times a month, Volodkin tells us.

Today, the company launched a new, $3 iPhone app, which lets you do the same basic things on your phone — find and listen to new music, “love” tracks (syncing to your Hype Machine account), and buy tracks on iTunes. It’s simple, but it works.

Here's what you first see when you launch the app: The Hype Machine's cute, old-timey logo

You boot up the iTunes app on your iPhone and can buy some Bowie here. Nice touch: The music in the Hype Machine app keeps playing in the background.

Back to the app, we've been skipping through songs, but note that you can only skip a certain number of songs in a row.

Here's another track. To see the blog post that included the music, tap the icon that looks like a sheet of printed paper.

Here's the blog post: You can read all about the song here.

You can also sift through a giant list of genres.

Or listen to the Hype Machine podcast.

Or browse by music blog, too. Remember: The Hype Machine is as much about finding new music blogs as new music.

We've tapped into another tune from the list of blogs.

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