The Woman Thought To Be Kim Jong Un's New Wife Is Famous For Singing A Song Called 'Excellent Horse-Like Lady'

rumours are still swirling about the identity of the mystery woman seen with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the weekend. His wife? His sister? His secretary?

Perhaps the most complete theory so far has emerged from Korea Joongang Daily, who say that the woman appears to be Hyon Song-wol, a former vocalist of the Bochonbo Electronic Music Band.

The paper reports that the pair were thought to have had an affair after Kim returned from his education in Switzerland, but Kim’s late father Kim Jong Il apparently disapproved of the relationship. Now the couple appear to have rekindled their romance after the death of the elder Kim.

Hyon is best known for her song “Excellent Horse-Like Lady”, according to Joongang (that’s their translation, not ours). Photos from a recent performance by Hyon definitely bare a resemblance to the lady seated with Kim, but its hard to tell.

If you’re wondering about the “Excellent Horse-Like Lady” song in question, by the way, here’s a video that seems to be it (Korea watchers, please get in touch if you can shed more light on this).

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