Hybrid Wars: We All Win


This year Honda, Toyota and Ford are all rolling out three new hybrid models. It’s not exactly the best time to start selling new cars, but we are irrationally optimistic about these auto’s prospects. Sure, gas prices plummeted, but why wouldn’t people opt for the car that uses less gas, no matter what? If you can save money, you can save money. And that seems to be what people enjoy lately.

The new Prius gets 50 mpg, the Honda Insight gets 41 mpg, and the Ford Fusion gets 41 also. The prices for all of these hover around $20,000 and $27,000. With the Fusion at the high end, the Insight at the low end and the Prius in between. Toyota is looking to sell a 100,000 Prius by the end of 2009.


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