Hybrid And Electric Cars Can Literally Be Silent Killers

Photo: Mr. T in DC / Flickr

Many people choose a hybrid car because they believe it is better for the environment and could be making a small contribution to improving conditions of the planet for future generations.But, as it turns out, they aren’t very good for the current generation of people.

According to a report on Slate, hybrids and electrics are so quiet at low speeds that blind people are having trouble hearing them coming.

Heck, even people who can see perfectly fine are having a tough time hearing them.

Slate says that at speeds less than 35 MPH, pedestrians are 37 per cent more likely to get hit by a hybrid car than a standard gas model while cyclists are a whopping 66 per cent more likely to be struck.

In response, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is working on regulations for the minimum amount of noise a vehicle can make. Hopefully that will keep more people off the hoods of hybrid and electric cars.

Perhaps the cars can take a page from Audi and use the awesome sounds of the R8 e-tron.

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