Porn King Larry Flint Says Lloyd Blankfein Should Be In Jail

Larry Flint

So now even the hard-core porn industry has a beef with Blankfein.Hustler’s editor, Larry Flint, only writes an “Editor’s statement” about once a month, and this month, he writes about the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

“Throw him in jail,” he says.

The funny thing is that he doesn’t have much conviction. He’s just like, the CEO of Goldman Sachs or whatever – he should be thrown in jail. That’ll help things.

Here’s what he says inĀ Hustler (WARNING: link is very NSFW):

If nothing else, the oil-drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, in conjunction with the economic disaster caused by Wall Street, tells us one thing with certainty: Unless the CEOs of companies that have devastated this country are held personally responsible for their actions, nothing is going to change. People who through negligence or indifference cause death or harm to others, whether it be economic or physical, should no longer be allowed to hide behind a corporation’s protective wall. If the CEO of British Petroleum, Goldman Sachs or whatever company is put in jail, his successors will think long and hard before trying to save a buck by taking shortcuts or bending the law.

For a cleaner version of the call for “personal responsibility,” check out what Kyle Bass has to say >

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