Hurricane Conditions Expected In Carolina Within 36 Hours


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Directed at North Carolina’s Outer Banks, the National Hurricane centre’s designation means hurricane conditions are predicted within 36 hours.The Associated Press reports the watch extends from north of Surf City to the Virginia border and accompanies a tropical storm watch for most of South Carolina’s coast (via USA Today).

Irene is barreling unhindered through the Atlantic Thursday morning packing wind speeds of 115 mph and approaching the U.S. at about 12 mph.

When the storm hits the coast it’s expected to be a Category 4 hurricane with winds of at least 131 mph, but exactly when that will be is the source of speculation for officials deciding when to tell residents to evacuate.

Southern states are not the only ones concerned. On course to pound the northeast, Mayor Bloomberg advised New York City Residents to monitor the Office of Emergency Management.

Northeastern cities could see up to 15 inches of rain as Irene travels north to Maine.


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