Mayor Bloomberg has announced a “mandatory evacuation” of “Zone A,” the area of New York city that’s low-lying and prone to flooding.

Zone A starts at 39th and 1st street in Manhattan. It continues down the East River through the financial district and up the West Side Highway to 60th street. 

Major affected areas include Manhattan’s Battery Park City, Brooklyn’s Coney Island and Manhattan Beach, The Rockaways in Queens, and other shore areas of Staten Island.

The call was made because the flood surge is expected to be much higher than anticipated yesterday.

The Mayor, at his press conference, also announced the closure of all public schools on Monday.

Earlier, NY Governor Cuomo announced that NYC public transportation will shut down at 7 PM ET.

Below is a full Hurricane Evacuation Zone Map:

  • Residents in Zone A face the highest risk of flooding from a hurricane’s storm surge. Zone A includes all low-lying coastal areas and other areas that could experience storm surge in ANY hurricane that makes landfall close to New York City.
  • Residents in Zone B may experience storm surge flooding from a MODERATE (Category 2 or higher) hurricane.
  • Residents in Zone C may experience storm surge flooding from a MAJOR hurricane (Category 3 & 4) making landfall just south of New York City. A major hurricane is unlikely in New York City, but not impossible.

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