Update: Everyone BUT Sandy Victims Can Get Reimbursed $450 From Con Ed For Spoiled Food

Con Ed reimbursing for food and medicine spoilage due to the power outage.

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UPDATE: Turns out the form is invalid for “power outages caused by storms.” We’re sorry for the confusion and wish the original report was true.****

First, East Coasters were told to stock up on groceries before Hurricane Sandy hit.

But when power went out for an unanticipated number of days, the food in people’s refrigerators began to spoil. 

After days with no power, and some people who are still without, Con Ed is trying to make right by offering clients “up to a maximum of $450, for actual losses of food spoiled due to lack of refrigeration.” 

The same goes for spoiled medications intended to be refrigerated. 

According to the Con Ed claim form, you are eligible for the reimbursement “If you experienced a power outage that resulted from a failure in Con Edison’s local distribution system that lasted for more than 12 hours within a 24-hour period.” 

Just make sure you still have your receipts and file within the next 30 days.

To download the residential claim form, CLICK HERE.