The Best Panicked Tweets About Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Tweet

Photo: @reedtimmerTVN

Gather your kids, your batteries, and your jars of peanut butter, we hear this is going to be the big one.  Hurricane Sandy is making its way toward the U.S. East Coast, likely to bring a nasty combination of wind, rain and snow to tens of million of people from Maine to the Carolinas.  

Many in Sandy’s destruction path have taken to Twitter to express their distress.

Here’s a sampling of the social media panic.  

Hurricane Sandy continues to surprise seasoned meteorologists.

It's bad any way you look at it.

Don't forget, scruffy and fluffy are also in danger.

Sheer panic.

Grocery stores are getting ransacked ahead of the storm.

Some people find comfort in familiar jingles.

Others, have different priorities.

The picture of doom.

At least he's looking out for us.

Getting to miss school seems to be a popular concern.

Sandy could bring winds of up to 65 mph.

People are stocking up on the essentials.

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