The Hurricane Hasn't Even 'Hit' Yet, And The Flooding Already Looks Like This

We’re still several hours before Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, and the pictures of flooding from New York and New Jersey are quite ominous.

Here are some images.

Just south of Long Beach Island, New Jersey:

Long Beach Island

Photo: Jenn Perry Katsikis

Atlantic City:

hurricane sandy atlantic city

Photo: Ted Greenberg

Atlantic City:

atlantic city

Photo: Hoebama, Instagram

The FDr drive in New York, via Mike Ryan:

FDR drive hurricane sandy

Photo: Mike Ryan

Red Hook, Brooklyn

hurricane sandy

Photo: Nick Cope on

Red Hook, Brooklyn:

Red Hoook hurricane sandy

Photo: Dustintodd, Instagram

Battery Park, Manhattan:

battery park sandy

Photo: @newyorkist, Twitter

Ocean City, New Jersey. Says Kathy Orr of CBS: “Officials in Ocean City, NJ “the ocean has met the bay, we have never seen anything like this”.

Ocean City, New Jersey

Photo: Kathy Orr, CBS

JFK Airport:

JFK airport Hurricane sandy

Photo: Governor Cuomo

Bay Head New Jersey, by Ken Shane:

bay head new jersey hurricane sandy

Photo: Ken Shane

Rockaway, Queens

rockaway queens hurricane sandy

Photo: Andrew Cuomo


hurricane sandy hoboken

Photo: Piers Morgan

This is just a touch of what we’ve seen and again, and as Mayor Bloomberg has reiterated, the worst is yet to come >

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