Tornadoes hit Florida and Georgia in wake of Hurricane Michael

13WMAZ/YouTubveThe aftermath of a tornado in Crawford Country, Georgia.

Tornadoes ripped across counties in Florida and Georgia on Thursday, adding danger to the carnage left by Hurricane Michael.

Associated Press reported several tornadoes have been spotted by local news channels – including in Clay and Sarasota counties in Florida, and Fort Stewart, Georgia, on Wednesday.

Tornado crawfordNBC 11 Alive/YouTubeThe wreckage left by a tornado in Crawford County.

Damon Powers filmed this tornado from Sarasota, Florida, on Wednesday:

The National Weather Service issued a Tornado Watch across some central counties in Georgia, an update on Wednesday said.

In South Carolina, Chesterfield, Cherokee, York, and Lancaster counties are under tornado watch as of 6 a.m. on Thursday.

Brian Monahan, a Meteorologist with WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, tweeted on Wednesday there was a “threat of isolated brief tornadoes.”

President Donald Trump described Hurricane Michael on Wednesday: “It’s like a big tornado, a massive tornado.”

See how the hurricane grew from a tropical storm here.

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