These photos of the Gulf Coast 10 years after Hurricane Katrina show perseverance at its peak

Friday, August 28, marks the 10-year anniversary of the costliest natural disaster in US history.

Hurricane Katrina leveled entire neighbourhoods, destroyed livelihoods, and brought thousands of lives to an abrupt end across the Gulf Coast.

Even with the $US81 billion in property damage, there is also ample opportunity for growth. Towns rebuild, relationships strengthen.

Keep scrolling to see the transformation for yourself.

Ten years ago on Friday, Hurricane Katrina arrived on the Gulf Coast.

Getty / NOAA

The storm tore through 90,000 square miles of land in New Orleans and Mississippi, an expanse of land larger than the entire state of Minnesota.


Photographer Joe Raedle travelled all over the region. In visiting Gulfport, Mississippi, utility crews were dispatched to thousands of homes to restore power.

Joe Raedle / Getty

10 years after the devastation, the Gulf Coast -- and New Orleans especially -- is finally back to doing what it does best.


Celebrating culture through music, food ...

Sean Gardner / Getty

...and the people that live in -- and are in love with -- the city.

Sean Gardner / Getty

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