The Latest Look At The Huge Tropical Storm Threatening To Hit Tampa On The First Day Of The Republican Convention

As Tropical Storm Isaac spins west across the Caribbean, Republicans are getting increasingly anxious that the storm could cause major problems for the party’s national convention next week. 

According to the latest models, Isaac could hit Florida’s west coast on Monday, causing at least some bad weather as 50,000 people descend on the Tampa Bay area for the convention. Although the storm’s winds weakened overnight, the forecasts warn that Isaac could turn into a hurricane by the time it makes landfall in the U.S. 

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn told CNN Wednesday that the convention organisers are prepared for bad weather, but that the RNC could be cancelled, if necessary.

Here’s the latest map of the storm, from the National Hurricane centre:

hurricane isaac

Photo: National Hurricane centre

 And here’s a satellite image, courtesy of NASA: 

hurricane isaac

Photo: NASA

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