See How The Gulf Coast Is Preparing For Hurricane Isaac


Tropical Storm Isaac was officially declared a hurricane Tuesday morning, reaching wind speeds of 75 mph. Americans are taking serious precautions as the storm closes in on the Gulf Coast, one day before the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

The big, slow-moving storm is more than 350 miles wide. It’s expected to wreak havoc on the South, including New Orleans. 

We found these photos posted to Twitter in cities like New Orleans, Orlando and Biloxi, Mississippi. They show the beginnings of dark storm clouds and flooding. Some also show how Americans are preparing for the storm. 

Even Olympian Lolo Jones went to the store to hunt for supplies and found the aisles pretty much empty. 

A boarded pharmacy on Canal Street in New Orleans.

A view of the Mississippi River in New Orleans.

A wall built to protect New Orleans from storm surge.

Waves starting to pick up in Gulfport, Mississippi on Tuesday morning.

A house is prepared for Isaac with hurricane fabric.

Stormclouds outside Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

A storm brews in New Orleans.

A view of storm clouds in Tampa, Florida

A boarded-up bar in New Orleans.

Sign on a highway from Houston to New Orleans.

Flooding in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones posted this photo of empty store shelves.

Storm surge in Waveland, Louisiana.

A high-resolution satellite image of Isaac from 11 a.m. on Aug. 28.

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