The Worst News For Louisiana: Hurricane Isaac Won't Stop Dumping Rain Until Tomorrow

hurricane isaac

Photo: Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is reporting that are saying that the winds (ranging from 50 to 75 mph in Louisiana) and persistent rains from Hurricane Isaac will continue all day today through tomorrow morning and even into tomorrow afternoon.The Weather Channel’s Carl Parker said it is “about as bad as Category 1s get.” 

Parker said that the duration of the storm is going to be its greatest impact, noting that the slow-moving storm has not changed much on the radar in the last six hours.

AP reports that the storm stalled for several hours before resuming a slow trek inland, which means Isaac could dump up to 20 inches of rain in some areas.

Paul Goodloe of the Weather Channel reports that the landfall of Isaac is “just beginning in coastal Mississippi.”

In Plaquemines Parish, La., where Isaac went over the top of an 18-mile stretch of levee and is sending up to 12 feet of water into people’s homes, the Weather Channel reports that the surges of water are “worse than Katrina” there. About 120 National Guard are currently working in the area.

Water on the coast in Braithwaite, La., is at about halfway up the 20 foot levee walls, according to live coverage from @WDSU.

hurricane isaac

Weather Channel

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