hurricane isaac evacuationEvacuated couple in Port Sulphur, Louisiana

Photo: AP

As you can see on the latest NOAA Map of Hurricane Isaac’s path, Louisiana is getting slammed right now.According to, there are 250,000 people now without power.

New Orleans is experiencing flooding, and the city’s draining systems are pumping at max capacity on their own poer.


As Hurricane Isaac continues its slow pace over the city, New Orleans’ drainage system is pumping at full capacity while battling intermittent power outages, Sewerage & Water Board Executive Director Marcia St. Martin said. The city’s 24 drainage pump stations are being powered by on-site generators or electricity from the board’s own power plant.

The S&WB produces an uncommon kind of electricity known at 25-cycle or 25-hertz, which powers much of the drainage system west of the Industrial Canal, she said. Drainage pumps farther east operate on the more common 60-cycle, which Entergy provides.


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