Delta is capping ticket prices and waiving pet fees for people escaping Hurricane Irma

Delta is capping ticket prices and waiving all in-cabin pet fees for people booking flights to escape Hurricane Irma.

Irma, a Category 5 storm and one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes recorded in history, has torn through several Caribbean islands and is heading toward South Florida. The destructive storm has put pressure on airlines to increase the number of flights out of affected regions and keep ticket prices low.

Major US airlines are taking measures to help passengers with flights into or out of the region by offering travel waivers. JetBlue is offering $US99 tickets for flights from Florida, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic, and other locations affected by the hurricane to make it easier for people to evacuate. American Airlines is also capping ticket prices at $US99.

Delta, which is capping ticket prices at $US399, is making it easier for passengers to escape the storm with their furry friends. The airline has waived baggage and in-cabin pet fees for people travelling to select cities to escape Irma.

“Delta has been examining and adjusting fares in Florida since early this week, when Irma’s path became apparent and demand to fly out of the area surged,” Delta wrote in a statement.

It’s the right call as pets are seen as integral parts of the family. Thousands of people refused to evacuate without their dogs and cats when Katrina hit, prompting Congress to pass a law that requires emergency planners to accommodate animals.

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