People are challenging each other on Twitter to text a $13 donation to the Red Cross Harvey fund

There are a lot of ways to help the people of eastern Texas as they suffer through the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

For instance, Facebook has activated its Safety Check system for the area. This not only lets you search for a loved one in the affected area, but lets you respond to pleas of help from people who have been impacted.

More than 570 people have posted their requests for help on the page  — requesting food, rides, volunteers for clean-up crews and the like. They are also using the page to share information about the storm.

But perhaps the easiest way to help is to donate $US10 ($AU13) to the Red Cross by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999. The $US10 donation will be charged to your mobile phone bill.

Even better, if you can afford it, you can follow the lead of people who are challenging their social media followers to donate and then promising to match those donations.

For instance, Mikel Jollett‏ challenged his nearly 100,000 Twitter followers to send that text, then tweet him the evidence to procure a matched donation from him. He’s the singer, guitarist, and frontman for LA-based indie rock band Airborne Toxic Event.

Producer Elan Gale (of “The Bachelor” television empire fame) did a similar challenge to his 200,000 followers, although he was capping his match to 50 people, or $US500 ($AU630).

Many others are also challenging their own followers, and matching those contributions, as well.

In addition to giving money to the Red Cross’s Harvey fund, Twitter user Celeste P. compiled a list of organisations you can donate to to help those affected by the storm.