Top Viral Videos Of The Week: This Hurdler's Warm-Up Dance Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

michelle jenneke

Michelle Jenneke mesmerized the world this week when a video of her pre-race dance warm-up went viral. 

Our very own Sports Page editor Leah Goldman sums up perfectly why this video turned viral:

“While other hurdlers are stretching, Jenneke is bouncing around, dancing. Oh, she’s also very pretty.”

Videos of Jenneke dominated the Internet this week, so it shouldn’t came as a surprise that *spoiler alert* her pre-race dance routine tops this week’s list of most watched YouTube videos.

Watch Michelle Jenneke’s mesmerizing pre-race dance and find out what other videos made this week’s top 10 list.

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1. Hurdler Michelle Jenneke's pre-race dance warm-up captivated the Internet

And check out last week's top viral videos...

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