There's A Website For Tracking Airbnb Rentals So They Can Be Shut Down

While extremely popular with users around the world, Airbnb doesn’t always have the best reputation with cities or landlords. For those who own properties and are worried about tenants subletting out their rooms or apartments using the home-sharing startup, now there’s Huntbnb.

The site uses addresses that Airbnb landlords type in themselves, Fast Company reports, because usually addresses are hidden on the site. It then finds all the spaces listed for rent close by to the location you search, showing multiple options. A landlord could use this site to police his or her own tenants for listings and also to examine competition.

Huntbnb could also be used as a tool by government workers, lawyers, or activists against short-term rentals. In many places, currently including the startup’s home of San Francisco, Airbnb-style rentals are considered illegal, and landlords and tenants can face hefty fines for breaking these laws.

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