Gorgeous Pictures From A 'Hunger Games' Wedding Photo Shoot

katniss wedding

Photo: Carmen Santorelli Photography

Hopefully the odds are ever in their favour.Avid Hunger Games fan, and photographer Carmen Santorelli decided to recreate the magic of the insanely popular book trilogy and movie by commissioning a Hunger Games-themed styled wedding shoot.

For her dream to become a reality, Santorelli worked with a professional stylist, event planner, baker, florist, and of course, models.

“Katniss” was decked out in Monique Lhuillier and Lazaro wedding gowns, while her star-crossed lover “Peeta” rocked a tuxedo courtesy of Kleinfeld Bridal.

Santorelli was kind enough to share some highlights of the wedding shoot with us. Check out her full website here.

Click here to see the wedding shoot >
[via Buzzfeed]

Photography: Carmen Santorelli Photography
Planner: Stacie Shea Events
Stylist Assistant: Lauren Megerdichian
Photography Assistant: Caroline Frost Photography
Video: DMO Films
Makeup and Hair: Erica Ogawa
Wedding Gowns: Monique Lhuillier and Lazaro from Kleinfeld Bridal
Tuxedo: Hugo Boss provided by Kleinfeld Bridal
Shoes: Aruna Seth provided by Gabriella’s New York
Hair Accessories: Kleinfeld Bridal and Gabriella NY
Location: Horsefly Farm (Private Residence), North Salem, NY
Floral Design: AvaFlora
Paper: Jessica Haley Ink
Food: Pickles and Pies
Cake & Cupcakes: Sweet Lisa’s
Vintage Rentals: The Vintage Rental Company
Female Talent: Flavia Barbat
Male Talent: Randall Harris

The star-crossed lovers are finally getting their chance at happiness.

The happy couple looks a little pensive. Perhaps they're contemplating their time in the arena?

On President Snow's orders, this wedding better quell the district uprisings. Or else.

Katniss is ready to fight just in case President Snow isn't satisfied.

She may have been able to leave District 12 for the woods but she can't escape her wedding.

We bet dining wasn't this elegant during the Games.

Katniss probably won't have to kill her own wedding feast, but she's prepared just in case.

A spread worthy of the Capitol.

They better act like they're in love, or President Snow won't be happy.

That's better. The couple shares a sweet kiss away from prying Capitol eyes.

Really playing up their tragic love story for the citizens of Panem.

Every Panem citizen was rooting for the hapless lovers forced to fight to the death.

Who could guess Katniss isn't as in love with her groom as he is with her?

Hopefully these berries aren't poisonous.

No matter what, Peeta will always be there to protect Katniss.

Check out the video from the photo shoot, courtesy of Matt Fink from DMO Films

Would you rather model your wedding after another tragic hero?

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