Hungarian swimmer's intensely energetic husband went bonkers watching his wife narrowly miss a world record

Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu narrowly missed setting a new world record in the 400m IM during the prelims on Saturday afternoon in Rio, and as she raced against the clock her husband went absolutely bananas in the stands.

Hosszu entered the freestyle leg of the race three seconds ahead of the current world record. As she swam, NBC cut to Shane Tusup, her husband and also her coach. 

How’s this for spousal support: 

Hosszu is the heavy favourite to take home gold in the event, which will happen on Saturday night. But she and her husband are perhaps better-known in the swim world because of their uncommon and intense spouse-coach dynamic.

In a recent New York Times profile on the couple, entitled “The Couple Who Raise Eyebrows at the Olympic Pool”, the swimmer Jessica Hardy questioned Tusup.

“I’ve seen a lot of inappropriate and not-O.K. behaviour in Shane,” Hardy said.

She added: “I’ve seen coaches exhibit that kind of behaviour in training, but this is another level. It’s scary.”

Hosszu and Tusup maintain that they are able to separate the coach/athlete dynamic from their marriage.

“He’s pretty hard as a coach,” Hosszu said, “but at home he’s super sweet and loving and really funny. So we can laugh a lot.”

If nothing else, Tusup is perhaps the most energetic non-competitor we’ve seen so far in Rio. If his wife sets a new world record, we can only imagine how bonkers he’ll go.  

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