Iceland Missed A Chance To Win Its First Ever Gold Medal After This Wacky Handball Ending

hungary saves iceland shot in olympic handball

Photo: NBCSN

Handball has become the cult sport of the 2012 Olympics. And today, we had the most thrilling moment of the men’s tournament.Iceland led its quarterfinal game against Hungary 27-26 and was shooting a penalty shot with 12 seconds left.

No way they could lose that, right?


A hectic sequences ensued, and Hungary eventually won the game in overtime.

Iceland — which has never won a summer Olympic gold medal — has a great handball team. But they yet again missed a chance at gold in heartbreaking fashion.

Iceland looks to have the game wrapped up. They were up 27-26 with 21 seconds left, and they had the ball (there is no shot clock)

Iceland then got ANOTHER break with 12 seconds left, when they were awarded a penalty shot on this foul (Iceland in red)

All they had to do was score the penalty shot, and they'd go to the semifinals

Check out how close the penalty shot was. Almost a guaranteed goal

But the Hungarian goalie made a brilliant (lucky?) hand save

And the ball bounced right to a Hungary player with 10 seconds left

With 5 seconds left, Hungary tied the game with a flying shot. An incredible turn of events

The hero, getting love from his teammate as they headed to overtime

In OT, Hungary sealed the win, ending Iceland's gold-medal chances until 2016

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