Hundreds Of Googlers Drop 'Steve Jobs' Into A Dunk Tank


Photo: Function Blog

Some drink company called Function decided to add more fuel to the Google-Apple fire.When it was invited to Google’s campus to give out drinks, it dressed up one of its employees — meet Donnie from sales — as Steve Jobs and put him in a dunk tank.

On its blog, Function says “The tank was a total hit, with hundreds of Google employees lining up to take a shot at Mr. Jobs”

Click here to see Googlers dumping ‘Steve’ in the tank >

Here's the fake Steve about to be dunked

A shot of the Google HQ where this went down

Uhh...Google is a weird place.

Ahh, normal Googlers exacting their revenge.

More Googlers

One more of the dunk tank

All because Steve allegedly said Google's mantra is bullshit

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