The 10 Most Insanely Obnoxious Humblebrags On Secret

Secret is a buzzy new gossip and confession-sharing app hugely popular in tech circles right now.

The premise of the app is simple: it pulls from your phone’s contact list, adds friends of friends, and then mixes in random people you don’t know so it’s harder to figure out who is sharing what.

Secret is completely anonymous — so people can write whatever they like.

Turns out lots of people love to “humblebrag,” the term for making ostensibly self-deprecating statement as a means to show off.

From sex to drugs to money and drinking, here are the craziest and most obnoxious humblebrags we’ve spotted on Secret so far:

This guy gets invited to so many parties, but would rather not go:

This one is pretty self-explanatory:

So is this one:

Rough life:

It’s very annoying to be rich!

Here’s a brag:


Maybe it was the correct way to spell assistant!:

Oh, good to know!:

The worst one yet:

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