Humans Are Stupid Monkyes. We Will Continue To Blow Bubbles

Monkeys are stupid.  They fling poo at each other and eat bugs they picked off each other.  Both of those actions are based on the next meal.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that we are inherently flawed being that we evolved from these beasts.

On the one hand, the major difference between us and the animal kingdom is our capacity to think to a higher degree.  Whether we use it, however, is another question.

Apes, monkeys, the animal kingdom, are short term thinkers.  They have to be.  Where does their next meal come from, they wonder.

We humans, despite our grand opinion of ourselves, are as reckless as any animal in the animal kingdom.  We dash from food source to food source.  We are genetically and behaviorally programmed to do so, like they are.

Humans will continue to blow economic bubbles because we like food, and we will pursue short-term goals to obtain it. 

While a stupid monkey might find food, via finance, we can create food.  We utterly will never learn.