Hundreds Of Decaying Human Remains Found At German University

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Tim ‘Avatar’ Bartel

In a story straight out of a horror movie, hundreds of decades-old decomposed bodies were found abandoned in the cellar of a German university, Spiegel Online reports.University of Cologne staff discovered the room full of human adult corpses that were donated for medical research last week. Inside there were also animal cadavers, and body parts in plastic buckets labelled “noses,” “newborns,” and “shark head”.

Hygiene experts and fire safety officers said the corpses seem to have been abandoned over 10 years ago. One of the staff, who wished to remain anonymous, said that at the time of the visit “the cooling system was broken, and the room smelt accordingly bad.” He described the scene as “reminiscent of a horror film.” The group took mould samples from the walls and the corpses.

The bodies were meant to be buried once the research was completed, according to the university. A spokesman blamed the gory mix-up on “very problematic record-keeping.”

The university’s rector, Axel Freimuth, said the discovery was “completely unacceptable” and it had “deeply shattered and shocked” the university. He said the animal cadavers could be traced to a former link between the institute and Cologne zoo.

A commission is investigating the issue, but the public prosecutor’s office has said there is no evidence of any crime, according to the Guardian.

rumours had already been circulating about the presence of the corpses, which allegedly led to the suicide of the former head of the university’s anatomy department last month, NineMSN reports.

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