It's amazing how much taller people are now than they were 100 years ago

People in most of the world have gotten significantly taller over the last century.

A network of health scientists known as the Non-Communicable Diseases Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC), published a study in the journal eLife in 2016 that analysed height changes around the world. The team compared 18-year-old men and women born in 1896 to those born in 1996 in 187 countries.

Lead scientist Majid Ezzati told BBC News that while some of these changes can be explained by genes, “variations across the world are largely environmental.” That means people are getting taller due to external factors like better healthcare, sanitation, and nutrition.

Topping the list, women in South Korea grew an average of 9 inches taller and men in Iran grew an average of 6 inches taller. Here’s the breakdown:

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