Hulu: Open Launch in March

Hulu’s chief technology officer Eric Feng sits down with TechCrunch’s Mark Hendrickson. The most interesting bits:

  • The site won’t open to the public any time soon — Feng is eyeing a launch in late March.
  • Hulu is more concerned that OpenHulu is using Hulu’s name than the fact that it’s posting all of Hulu’s videos and running its own ads next to them. Excellent news for the SAI A-Team Channel!
  • HD video will roll out gradually, international availability won’t be overnight, and downloads won’t come for a long time, if ever.
  • Hulu is trying a bunch of different types of ads, including overlays.
  • Hulu was put together incredibly fast. Hulu acquired Chinese video site Mojiti — and Feng, and his engineering team — in July. They wrote the first line of Hulu code on Aug. 6. The site launched in October.

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