Hulu Viewers Prefer The Single Long Ad 2-To-1

[image url="" link="lightbox" caption="" source="" alt="jason kilar tbi" align="left" size="xlarge" nocrop="true" clear="true"]
Hulu CEO Jason Kilar says viewers prefer the single long advertisement by a 2-to-1 ratio over a bunch of short ads interspersed throughout a video.

This comes from a USA Today profile of Hulu.

Jason says advertisers like that Hulu viewers are given an option on the ads. It’s “more efficient.” We, as viewers like it, because we can just check Twitter, or email for a minute while the ad runs.

As for the usual questions, Jason wouldn’t comment on whether Hulu was profitable or not. He said the company was looking at payment models for the site, but couldn’t provide a time frame.

An analyst quoted in the story says payment models probably won’t come until Comcast closes its NBC deal.

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