Here's How Hulu Is Making Its Video Player Even Better

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In addition to saying it’s sticking with Flash, Hulu announced a bunch of updates to its video player today.

Here they are:

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming will sense when your Internet connection is strong or weak while you watch video. On the fly, Hulu’s video player will adjust your video quality, which should give you a smoother video experience.
  • Ad volume normalizer. Hulu will try to keep the level of audio the same between programs you watch and ads that are played.
  • Closed caption displaying will be able to adjust so that you can have yellow words or white words on a black background or just white words.
  • Seek preview will allow you to see what your skipping through. So, if you fast forward to the 18 minute spot in a video you’ll see what’s on screen at that point. 
  • Heat map will be a series of bars underneath the videos that lets you see what was the most viewed section of a video. 
  • The player on the screen is now 25% bigger. There are also other slight design tweaks, too minute to detail here.
  • Ad tailor gives users an option to say if they find an ad relevant or not. This way, you only get ads served to you that are relevant.
  • Personal recommendations. If you are logged in to Hulu it will serve up videos it thinks you will like based on previews videos you’ve watched.

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