Hulu Tests Subscription-Based Video Service


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 Hulu is beta testing a subscription based video service, Dan Rayburn reports.


A Disney (DIS), News Corp (NWS) and NBC Universal (GE) Web TV joint venture, Hulu is currently ad-supported.

Dan’s writes that the tests are very early stage and “it does not sound like the service will coming to the market anytime this year.

“From what I’m being told, Hulu has a very clear plan for the offering from a technical standpoint, but still is not completely sure how to roll it out product wise or what exactly the business terms will be. While the technical piece of such an offering would have some complexity to it, the real challenging piece of the offering would be the business terms with content owners.”

Last week, News Corp COO Chase Carey said Hulu needed to become a mix of paid and free content.


“Ad-supported only is going to be a tough place in a fractured world. You want a mix of pay and free.”

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