Hulu Puts Fox, NBC Back On YouTube, Sort Of

Here’s an unlikely channel on YouTube: huluDotCom. Yes, it’s that Hulu and no, YouTube is not distributing Hulu content, at least not now. Hulu staffers set up the channel in March and loaded it with 1-3 minute clips of NBC and Fox shows. It’s not unlike promotional YouTube channels for CBS or HBO.

Videos on the site indicate they’ve been up for three weeks to about a month, and a few are getting some decent traffic. The top clip, with 1.3 million views, is from “Family Guy.” No. 3 with 451,787 views is a clip from SNL’s “Dick In A Box.”

The videos have Hulu branding and overlay advertising directing viewers to check out the full episode on Hulu, but otherwise no direct links.

Hulu was oft-billed in the press as a “YouTube killer,” but that was never really the case. Could YouTube end up a Hulu distributor? Unlikely, since YouTube apparently won’t allow Hulu to embed its player (and advertising). But we asked Hulu and will update if we hear more.



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